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Dear this handmade doll boy is well appropriate as an exclusive gift not for only a child and for a romantic girl, and also for mans and boys) Also it can be as a decoration of the interior design!) This stylish and cute boy is made from natural materials: chintz, lawn, cotton and filler is holofiber. It is a hanmade good)

Please, don’t wash the item to preserve its initial form and color.

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This cute blonde doll is made from natural materials. This are lawn, cotton, chintz and filler is holofiber. It’s 100% hanmade good!

Doll is very lovely. She can’t leave anybody indifferent) By the way, handmade dolls are an excellent gift and decoration of any interior design! Dimensions: length: 10 cm, width: 14 cm, height: 30 cm, weight: 145 g

Please, don’t wash the item to preserve its initial form and color.

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This cute interior doll is made by hand! Ballerina was made of natural wool and coarse calico, the item is filled with holofiber!

Her lovely face is drawn with special acrylics and its dress is sewn of fatin.

It will be a great gift if Your darling loves the ballet!
If You wish, I can make this soft doll of poplin to Your order)



This soft cute pig toy, pink stuffed animal, cloth toy is made by hand and ready to ship)

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Cute bunny with flower. Cloth doll Bunny with a heart was made by hand with big love))) Tilda banny is ready and waiting for a family, where she will be loved and cherished!

You can be sure, this doll will bring joy, comfort to Your home! ) Of course, individual wishes are taken into account)))

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