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This unusual double side coaster for cup is cut out of wood by hand) The stand has two different cute working surfaces! We should say that the smell of juniper – it’s the smell of forest and of course of tranquility)

Dimensions are: Length: 12 cm, Width: 12 cm, Height: 1 cm, Weight: 95 g

Please, save this handicraft from water, deformation, fire, direct sun rays!




This wooden barrel is made by hand from wood. It has a lid for more convenient use)

In this big pot You can keep dry goods that should be always at hand of any housewife on the kitchen!:)

Dimensions of product: length: 14 cm, width: 10.5 cm, height: 15 cm, weight: 520 g

Of course You can choose another size as You want. By the way We can print Your logo on the product according to Your design. please contact with us in this case)

Enjoy eco-friendly goods)

Eco-Friendly Exporter Wooden Barrel With Lid




This unusual coaster is made of wood by hand! This wooden coaster for hot dishes is made of various wood species! By the way item is very useful because it will save the surface from ugly spots that hot pans can leave on the table)  Also it will be a good decoration of Your kitchen)

Dimensions are: length: 22 cm, width: 22 cm, height: 1.2 cm, weight: 95-110 g

Please, save this handicraft from water, deformation, direct sun rays and fire.



The beautiful design of this coaster will perfectly fit into the interior decorated in any style) Especially for eco style or country.

This little coaster for cups is made of various wood species by hand) These item will serve for You for a long time) Please do not drop it and keep away from sunlight, moisture and flame!

Dimensions: length: 10.5 cm, width: 10.5 cm, height: 0.7 cm, weight: 40 g