Olga Kalinina

Hello dear guests,

My name is Olga and I’m mom of 2 little princesses and one cute boy. Once I was faced with the question of finding handmade toys for my children that would be safe, ecological and beautiful at the same time. Unfortunately, most of the goods satisfied only one point from the list. Then I had an idea: maybe it’s better to create toys by myself? I took a needle into my hands and since then I am doing sweet toys for my children and all my friends and relatives. If you value the quality and want to please your loved ones with a special gift – please, write me directly. We will definitely create a unique toy for your child. And be sure – she will like a gift because he has a part of the soul put in.

From all my heart,


Roman Krytskaluk

Hello my dear friends,

My name is Roman and I, like most masters of wood, live in the Ivano-Frankivsk region) This is probably the heart of Ukrainian horizons.

I will not say anything interesting and special about myself) The main thing is that the meaning of my life is a beloved daughter) And the passion of my life is the embodiment of the most varied ornaments on the surface of the tree. (It may be a board, table game, a handmade carving box or a wooden mug))) I like to decorate all the wooden products with a beautiful carving. So I’ll be more than happy to do something special for You. Please, choose Your individual products in our shop and don’t forget about personalization option.

With all my heart,


Elena Plaksa

Hello, dear guests!

My name is Elena) I live in Kyiv and here I am engaged in my favorite business – ceramics!

All started with my uncle! It was he who invited me to his workshop, and there I first learned how to create works of art from ordinary clay!

To date, pottery is my favorite hobby. I can not get away from this business in the literal sense) I like to create ceramic products not only for the kitchen, but for home decor and personal decorations! Just need to find a 25 hour in a day to finish all the projects)

Every potter has his own secrets and style, which he uses when creating products personally for every admirer. I am happy to create a ceramic masterpiece for you)

Sincerely, Elena

Mykola and Halyna Strynaduk

Congratulations, dear lovers of wood products) We are a couple of handmade masters from the Kosiv town in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast!

We were interested in ancient ornaments for a very long time, but our vocation we found in the processing of ancient ornaments in the modern way, and in fact, in the creation of completely new drawings, scenes, visual labels, etc.)

Where are we looking for inspiration? Anywhere and everywhere!) In nature, in Ukrainian songs, one in one).  Of course, I like to devote my work to my wife, beloved Galina! She is the most important muse for me)

And of course our wonderful children, who also help us to create and plan to continue the parental affair!

Hope You’ll find on our store a product which will be close to Your soul))

With love,

Mykola and Halyna